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Best Practices in Planning Strategically for Online Educational Programs


October 25, 2017 by admin

Book CoverThe new book on planning strategically for online educational programs is now available for pre-order. We are very excited to bring this book to you, based on the success of our previous book, Best Practices in Online Education Program Development.

We apologize for our brief absence from our regular posting schedule for We did, however, spend much of the summer polishing the manuscript for the new book and moving the book into the production phase. We are pleased that the book will officially be available this November.

Based on the Generational Model presented in our previous book, Best Practices in Online Program Development, the new book views online education as being in stages of maturation—what we refer to as generations–at various institutions, whether they be large or small, private or public, or whether online education is central to the university or an ancillary function. But in order for online programs to flourish, those who take responsibility for the development of such programs need to learn to play by the rules established by the broader institution in which online programs operate.

Best Practices in Planning Strategically for Online Educational Programs is a step-by-step guide to developing strategic plans for creating and implementing online educational programs within higher education institutions. From conception to execution and assessment, the successful management of purposeful online educational programs in colleges and universities carries increasing importance and a unique set of requirements. This book enables administrators and faculty to:

  • Identify the opportunities and challenges presented by online education for institutions based on their histories, missions and market positions;
  • Develop a roadmap for creating and implementing a strategic plan; and,
  • Provide guidance for assessing the plan and insight into the iterative nature of planning.

The book provides background on strategic planning in higher education and the importance for online program planners to utilize the language and processes gleaned from management in order to craft a vision for their programs. The book advocates a “planning from the middle” approach that helps to avoid getting caught up in bureaucratic tangles. The book offers techniques based on “simple rules” to implement the strategic plan. The goal of the book is to help you build a sustainable online education program at your institution.

The processes described in this book will help your online program mature and ensure the future for online education within your institution.

-Neil Alperstein and Elliot King






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Best Practices in Planning Strategically for Online Educational Programs


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